Il cioccolato di Modica festeggia l’ IGP europea a CHOCOMODICA 2018

OFFICIAL Cioccolato di Modica PGI: the first IG chocolate in the world is Italian, published on the European Official Journal

The next edition of the exhibition will be held from 6 to 9 December

The legendary chocolate of Modica, with its memorable olfactory and emotional surprises, invites you to discover the secret of the blaze of sugary crystals signed by expert architects of goodness and beauty.

In the chocolate-flavored city, the medieval churches of the ancient capital of the county persist and the eighteenth-century churches “embroidered” in the stone, and the palaces adorned with festive baroque portals and grotesque masks that support iron and flowery scrolls are brought back to life.

Fragrances of aromatic recall lead to alleys, hidden by noisy steps that, like precipitous torrents, dig the hills of houses and palaces, centuries-old opposite the opposite ends of the valley, where the historic center slides, curling up.


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