About us

New markets for your company?
Do you want to create a joint-venture? To realize agreements of technology transfer?
Bre Archimedes Salerno can facilitate your search.
 Bre Archimede, thanks to its Executive Nucleus, it works in:

  • assisting the enterprises during the internationalization process
  • supporting the enterprises, research centres, technological parks, Universities, in the scientific research, implementation of researches results and technological transfers
  • promoting and developping the use of industrial and intellectual property
  • providing real services to the small and medium enterprises that produce estates and services,  specially the initiatives of technical assistance in the third world countries, particularly  in Latin America
  • developping plans of Capacity Building projects, in partnership with public institutions, local and trans-national Organizations and Associations, in the field of the programs co-financed by the EU
  • conceiving and realize local developments projects,  particularly Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy.
  • promoting projects of international partnership of Decentralized Cooperation.

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