The new Regulation (EU) 2024/1143 on Geographical Indications comes into force

From 13 May 2024, the new European Regulation on Geographical Indications came into force.
The consolidated text that regulates together for the first time, the sectors of wines, spirit drinks and agricultural products with Geographical Indication.
The strengthening of the role of protection consortia is highlighted by providing more effective tools to combat violations and agri-food piracy;
criteria relating to sustainability and OSD are also introduced.
An important fact is that there is an end to the registration of similar or evocative traditional terms that recall the names of PDO, PGI and TSG, as in the famous case of Prosek, the Croatian wine that evokes the Italian Prosecco PDO, it will also be mandatory to indicate the name of the producer on the label of a PDO or PGI.
Another important aspect of the reform is the introduction of measures to protect Geographical Indications online; finally, it should also be highlighted that the reform provides other benefits to associated producers by simplifying the procedural process of registering the aforementioned quality certifications. The individual national authorities will have to adopt secondary regulatory acts at national level for its complete implementation.
the regulatory text at:

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