Executive Nucleus

The structure of Bre Archimede Salerno is organized in Executive Nucleus, each of one has a particular area of intervenient:
    • Internationalisation of enterprises
    • Technology Transfer
  • Communitarian Programs  of Local Development and Decentralized Cooperation
  • Training and E-Learning

Internazionalization of enterprises

This staff o this area is specialized in:

  • Creation of  technical, commercial and financial partnerships;
      Creation of joint-venture with PVS, PECO and ACP;
  • Creation of trans-national networks for the admission to European Programmes;
      Informations’ spreading about European legislation and programmes.

This activity belonged till December 31st 2000 to BRE Network (DG XXIII); now it belongs to COOPECO Network (DG I), and PHARE/TACIS Central Consultant (DG I).

Technology Transfer

The staff gives all the assistance required and precious advertisments to SME in the acquisition/transfer of new technologies. It:

  • Promotes the diffusion and utilisation of new technologies
  • Promotes the access to the Programme Centre of Research and Technological Development
  • Gives consultation and assistance in the sector of the rights for the Intellectual and Industrial Propriety
  • Promotes Technological Days and several initiatives to support innovation

Communitary Programme of Local Development and Descentralize Co-operation

The area, as final goal, promotes and supports actors of local development as Public Entities, Agencies, Consortium, in the use of the Programme and European initiative of Local Development.

It promotes and realizes projects and initiatives of Economic Co-operation, Cultural and Social Co-operation of Decentralization, with particularly attention to the Environment, Sustainable Development, promotion and valorisation of  local ethnics.

All this, has contributed to the formation of a assistance team to Local Entities and to all the organizations working in the territory for the development of projects co-financied by European Union and the research and selection of trans-national partnerships.

Training and E-Learning

Bre Archimede, in cooperation with other entities and institutions, develops interesting activities of Training and Training at Distance, in Italy and Latin America.

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