Al Invest III – Realized projects

al invest 3The Comunitary European Programme Al-Invest IIIrappresents the third phase of Al-Invest Programme. It was created by an initiative of the European Commission and it’s goal is to encourage and make strnger the co-operation development and partnerships between enterprises and intitutions of E.U and their omologues of 18 countries of Latin America. This invite to present porposals regards projects of support, sectorial initiatives, organizations of events and changes of experiences between Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) from Europe and Latin America.

Who can participate?
Al-Invest III Programme is managed by a Consortium composed by three European Organizations:

  • Gepci (Groupement Européen de Promotion du Commerce International). Inside it there is the Istituto Italiano per il Commercio Estero (ICE), (Italian Institute for External Trade)
  •  Eurochambres
  • AECE (Asociaciòn Europea de Cooperaciòn Econòmica)
  • Three Organizations from Latin America: Bancomext Messico, CAINCO (the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce and Industry) e Fundaciòn de Empresa para la Excelencia de Còrdoba-Argentina.

Only the members which belong to this net of operators called “ Coopecos” in Europe and “Eurocentros” in Latin America , can submit porposals.
The 18 countries from Latin America that belongs to this Programme are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Perù, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela.
What is acceptable?
The Programme foresee the following instruments:
For SMEs:

  • sectorial Business meetings in Latin America  or in Europe: Initiatives lasting 2/3 days wich have to be realized in concomitance with regional or internationals fairs, wich foresee an agenda of meetings between the partecipating enterprises  and of collateral activities like technical journeys, seminaries, conferences;
  • Euro-Latin-american weeks: Sectorial initiatives to organize during international fairs, spreading detailed informations about the market, tchnologies, laws inherent to the sectors/countries, to all participants.  Informations could be developed under the shape of documents or technical conferences;
  • Business Development Facility: It is a personalized support created to offer assistance to the enterprises wich realize projects of  industrial co-operation in Latin America or Europe;
  • Capacity Building for SMEs: Sectorial training with technological days, seminaries and workshops for enterprises;
  • partnership between SMEs: Latin-american enterprises wichhave realized Development Projects look for European enterprises, wich will offer consultancy in terms of trade strategies, innovation, administrative technological organization, basing on their own experience;
  • technical assistance for SMEs: possibility to support the latin-americans and european enterprises in the activitie of technical training post-selling machinery and technology.

For the Consotium operators:

  • change of functionary: possibility for the operators of the net to realize “travels of studies” and change of experiences with their overseas collegues and partners;
  • Institution Building: they are training actions of strengthening, sharing of best practices, change of functionaries programmes,  adressed to the net members. During the operative lasting of the Programme it is possible to present, for the instruments above mentioned, porposals of financing projects in periodic shape until all the year 2006.

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