Bre Archimede Salerno 2010 activities


The activities that the Agency has scheduled Bre Archimede Salerno with the Andean partners for 2010 are 22. Include training and technical assistance services to SMEs in loco Andean, and accompaniment in specialized trade fairs in Italy.

Below is a list of activities planned for the 3rd and 4th quarter 2010:

Activity (Training and advice to SMEs in innovation and exploitation of intellectual property rights with the participation of universities and research centers)
The training provided by the project “Marks and Patents” completed in SMEs develop capabilities to use the intangible assets of their businesses as a resource, to implement the synergy between companies in the research and development of new technological innovation processes in different productive sectors and / or emerging.

Cartagena July 6 to 9        Bogotà  July 13 to 16       Lima 19 to 24 July
Guayaquil July 26 to 30      La Paz  27 september to October 1st


Activity (Technical Assistance to SMEs in the innovation process improvements and organizational management, and implementation of new technologies identified advantage of Andean and European experiences, to improve production processes of goods and services)
Technical assistance provided for the project “Communication and Advertisingon:
· Innovate production process management consulting services and communications, marketing and advertising.
· Using methods that can gain sufficient assurance to more value-added advertising services.


Cochabamba september

Activity (Technical Assistance to SMEs to improve the marketing, promotion

and communication of products and / or services) project: “Innovation in flowers and ornamental plants” will be the subject matter:
· Innovation of new products or varieties.
· Implementation of new technologies on the shelf life of cut products;
· Promotion and marketing in the international market to improve their competitiveness and positioning with new trends


Cochabamba september

Project: “TEO – Emerging Technologies Ortofruticola”

Technical assistance to SMEs fruit growers, to improve marketing, cross product standardization, industrialization, promotion and communication of products outside the region.


Bogotà 18 to 22 October 2010     Tolima 25-29 October 2010


Activity 6.1.1 (Promotion of Local Development with a focus on internationalization of SMEs: Chambers and local governments)


Activities will be developed in the Andean countries are technical Assistence on Cultural

Tourism project  (TCR) in Cochabamba (Bolivia) and Bucaramanga (Colombia) to:

· Institutions institutional work table between public and private, to launch a local tourism expert meetings between European tourism officials, representatives of the categories of tourism, local authority tourism sector and nuclei of tourism operators and service Launch of cultural tourism forum


Activity (Development of a technical assistance program for the design of products and / or services and process innovation) Cultural Tourism
The participating companies and representatives of the tourism category (public and private) will acquire practical tools to enable them to implement their business plans for continuous improvement to achieve quality in the field of cultural tourism, and close to world class standards, allowing market to attract a wider European and international.

September Cochabamba
Bucaramanga (COL) in September


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