European Program of support for the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Ecuador


The Agreement between the European Union and Ecuador will regulate the trade of goods and services from and to that block, as well as the 
participation of the Parties in bids for public contracting, the protection of intellectual property rights, cooperation in the scope of 
trade and, in particular, precise provisions that establish special and differential treatment in favor of Ecuador, in recognition of the 
asymmetries existing between the EU and Ecuador.
GTZ International Services is coordinating the activities of International Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Ecuador 
within the framework of the Support Program for the Trade Sector.

The international expert Achille Bianchi has been selected to develop activities on issues of quality certifications and circular economy.
Ecuadorian products exported to the European market will enter free of tariffs and obstacles to one of the regions with the highest 
purchasing power in the world. This will occur immediately after the entry into force of the Agreement. It will contribute to the 
modernization of the national productive apparatus in a context of intelligent insertion into international markets, under a strategy 
of optimizing profits.



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