Game without Frontiers

logobrinquedosThe project Games without Frontiers was, in its roots, realized for the needy children and youngs of Oporto suburbs, with the goal to offer them a new artistic and cultural prospective as an alternative to ransom their self-estime.

The Fundação da Juventude, to realize this project in all its parts, had the precious cooperation of theses three countries: Italy, Polland, United Kingdoom.

Bre Archimede realized the project in Itlay with the co-operation of:

Provincia di Salerno Comunitari and Politic Councillor
Comune di Salerno
Convitto Nazionale Salerno
Associazione Brasitalia
Associazione Annunziatella
Associazione Volksbhune
Associazione Gozzlinus
Associazione Melisma
The idea: the theme of traditional toys, and of “game” in general , can become a collector of cultural initiatives; although they have a very strong didatic connotation, they should also have a touristic and cultural impact in a near future and an increment of employment. All this trough the integration of the ways of realization which have already been experimented in the project – concerning the handmade production of toys – with other expressive shapes, artistical and/or of artistic handicraft: theatre, painting, drawing, decoration, writing, poetry, music, dancing, scenography, cinema.

In this optic, the co-operation with artists of international level and other experts operating in the territory, which have joined to the nucleus of the idea of the project. The targets: The realization of an annual original cultural event about traditional toys. The event of course is destinated to all audiences, but particulary to:

old people, because they are our memory guardians;
the families, because they are nucleus base in the personal training of each person;
the schools, because they are a reference point in the education and development of humans;
mostly the youngest, reference target of the initiative since it was born.
The first embryo of this road, that can be active starting from this year, foresees the realization of an innovative shape of artistic representation. Among all the artists which joined such representation there was Antonio Petti, polyhedric artist in the field of visual arts and author of the theatre plays “Giochi” (“Games”), from the recent publicatio.

Structure: Thought for a unique principal stage, it includes the preparation of a games exposure, made in the project ambit, enriched by the works (drawings, paintings, ceramic decoration, scenography, etc) of one or more artists among the most famous in the national area, and sensible to the theme in question.

Moreover, in the same stage, as apex of the event, an original theatrical and musical representation dedicated to the games theme, that will use also the objects exposed in the pavillion.

The organization is structured to consent mobility of the pavillions and their permanence for long time in the guest places.

The goal: the development of this starting embryo until to become a singular Game Festival, itinerary didactic event promoted by Institutions and organized by Associations which had already formed in this project an european partnership. To be able to reach the reference targets in their places of real life, particulary in the suburbs. To make easier, in the inside project, the development of new expressive ideas through the contribute of each one of the community host. The final perspective will be the setting up of a true and personal itinerant Museum of game, toys and fables, possible reference in the development of attractive culture and touristic products of territory.

An idea of development, toys and games: The success of this initiative push in a natural way toward the opening of a road of development. In this sense, the theme can be the input for the realization of a more complex cultural project, in the european area that embraces a big audience from one side and allows from the other the active participation of itself for educative goals.


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