Latin America

What’s the AL-INVEST programme?
A network of operators from Europe and Latin America co-operate in the organisation of meetings (also known as “Sectorial Meetings”‘) between enterprises acting in the same sector on both sides of the Atlantic.
The meetings last two days. They are usually held during specialist trade fairs, at a stand or hall, under the EU flag. Participants will receive a programme of face-to-face meetings specially arranged for them, according to their profiles and products.
What are the benefits?
Benefits are considerable:

distribution agreements
transfers of the most advanced technology
very pretious informations about the sector in order to make easy strategic alliances

Initial results have been more than satisfactory. Numerous deals worth in excess of US$ 60 million have been concluded among which, joint ventures, exchanges of technology, and long term trading agreements. Within 4-5 years, more than 6,000 companies in Europe and Latin America have benefited from these contacts.
Who can take part?
The meetings are open to business people from all sectors, from agribusiness to the car industry, furniture or the environment, and cover sub-contracting.
The participating company only needs to pay its travel and accommodation expenses. All organisational costs, in particular those related to arranging the programme of face-to-face meetings, are covered by the Commission.
How to apply to meet other companies?
Business people interested in taking part in sectorial meetings may approach the organisations selected by the Commission in Europe and Latin America. The easier way to proceed is to: first jump to the page titled “Events Calendar”, then select an upcoming sectorial meeting of interest to you. Then select one of the operators to obtain full details (postal address, phone, e-mail) and contact this operator directly.


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