mineulogThe European project Mineu has been selected by the European Commission within the frame of CULTURE 2000. The restoration, protection and spreading of the old mining heritage are the main aims of this project, to ensure future generations are able to experience and enjoy this valuable cultural assets.

The La Union Town Council (Murcia, Spain) is the promoter of the project, having four other co-organizer partners: Research and Development Centre –CID-(Spain), RDA Senec Pezinok (Slovakia), Brearchimede Salerno Onlus (Italy) and Deutsches Bergbau-Museum (Germany).

OBJECTIVES: promote and spread the knowledge of one cultural expression very poorly known and valued by citizens in general: the industrial mining heritage.
The aim is to link more and more people to this kind of heritage.


transnational network;
creative and operative workshop;
DVD Audiovisual compilation;
transnational seminar on good practices;
transnational seminar on cultural heritage management
web page


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