Events 2004

8 – 9 March ALIMENTARIA 2004 Food and Techno Food Barcellona – Spain 9 – 11March SIFEL 2004 Horto-Fruit and Agricolture instruments Agen – France 24 – 26 March AGRITRADE 2004 Horto-Fruit and Agricolture instruments Guatemala City – Guatemala 27 – 30 March TOMATOES INDUSTRY MISSION Food Rio Negro – Argentina 1 – 2 – […]



Bre Archimede in the following year has stipulated and suscrive various nationals and internationals agreements. The principals are: 1999: Agreement of international collaboration with the Municipal of Rosario, Santa Fé Province, Argentina 1998: Agreement of international collaboration between BreArchimede and Trade Chamber of italian Commerce of Rosario, Province of Santa Fé, Argentina – (Economic Industrial […]



The European project Mineu has been selected by the European Commission within the frame of CULTURE 2000. The restoration, protection and spreading of the old mining heritage are the main aims of this project, to ensure future generations are...
Accordo Parchi Nazionali Argentini e Provincia di Salerno e Parco NCVD                           Bariloche agosto 2003

Events 2003

16 Jenuary FRUIT-LOGISTIK Horto-Fruit  Berlino – Germany 13 February BIOFACH Biologic Nuremberg – Germany 26-28 March EXPOFORESTA Forestry Pausandù – Uruguay 11-14 March SIFEL Horto-Fruit Agen – France 1-2 April SOCINFO Information Technologies Rio de Janeiro – Brazil 20-21 May SECURITY...
Firma Accordo Parchi Nazionali Argentini e Provincia di Salerno e Parco NCVD, Salerno maggio 2002

Events 2002

14 – 17  February BIOFACH Biologic Nuremberg  – Germany 20 – 22  February SALON du VEGETAL Ornamental Plants Angers – France 25 – 27  February AGRIBRASIL Techno-Agro and Food Curitiba – Brazil 5 – 7 March ALIMENTARIA Techno-Agro and Food...


EuropeAid implements programmes and projects around the world, wherever assistance is needed. It delivers support through regional and country-specific approaches across a variety of sectors. In addition, programmes with a global reach allow the European Commission to provide similar...